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Transcription Services

Our dedicated transcription team ensure your audio or video files are transcribed with care and diligence.

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Secure, Multilingual Transcription

Whether you are an investigative or legal organization with interview translation or a researcher in an academic institution with research recordings, we can help. We also specialize in healthcare transcription, ensuring vital information is transcribed to aid diagnosis and treatment. Our experienced team securely and accurately transcribe your materials in whatever language is required.

And if you need a highly secure transcription involving confidential assets, we can provide security cleared transcription using security cleared typists and secure file exchange.

If you require a secure enterprise-level service, we provide you with access to our encrypted online transcription ordering portal.



Not in English? Not a problem. Transcripts can be completed in the source or target language saving time and money. We can transcribe in over 200 languages getting you the information you need quickly and easily.

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Security Cleared

Highly confidential source? Your data is in safe hands. We are trusted providers to government bodies, the police and legal firms delivering secure, accredited language services in over 250 languages. ISO 27001 accredited for security.

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Transcription Services

We can support you with all your transcription needs. Some of the most common types of transcription our clients request are:

Business Transcription Services

Legal Transcription Services

Academic Transcription Services

Medical Transcription Services

What are the different types of transcription?

Broadly speaking, the types of transcription we offer fall into three categories, how you intend to use the finished
transcripts determines which variation is best suited to your needs.

Verbatim Transcription

Requires that every word, cough and garbled sentence is transcribed exactly as heard in the original recording, including grammatical errors and slang. This transcription delivers a precise written representation of the audio recorded, including pauses, errs and umms.

Semi-Verbatim Transcription

This is largely the same as verbatim transcription, however, in this case, errs and umms are omitted. All repetitions, filler words and false starts are recorded so the dialogue transcribed remains true to the original recording.

Intelligent-Verbatim Transcription

A skilled, highly qualified transcriber is relied upon to edit the overall transcript to remove superfluous words and correct the grammar and sentence structure whilst ensuring the transcript remains an accurate reflection of the intentions and message of the original.


“The transcriptions you provide for our events have been excellent. You always send over the completed work very promptly. I would certainly recommend your service!”


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